Matsyodari Shikshan Sanstha's
Ankushrao Tope College, Jalna (MS)
NAAC A Grade, UGC-CPE Status, University Academic Audit A Grade & ISO Certified
Details of ICT Enabled Classrooms

The college has following  ICT equipments / services for effective teaching - learning 


  • OHPs

  • LCD Projectors

  • Smart Boards

  • K-YANs

  •  DTH TV

  • Youtube

  • Social Media – WhatsApp and other Applications

  • College YouTube Channel

  • Websites and other online resources

  • Films and Documentaries

  • E-Notes and E-Books

  • Google Classroom and Blog  

Policy for Updating of ICT facilities

The institute has a well-established system for upgrading its IT facilities. There is a committee that looks into the matters of IT facilities upgradation. It comprises all faculty of Computer Science department. Wi-Fi and Internet connection is regularly upgraded for enhancing its speed. For instance, B.S.N.L. Broadband is upgraded into a leased line. In addition to this, a 100 MBPS Microscan connection with Wi-Fi is availed in order to obtain more speed. ICT tools like K-Yans, Interactive Boards and computers are upgraded at regular intervals. For online teaching-learning, the institute has extensively used online platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Google Classroom during COVID 19 times. Similarly, all computers of the institute have been upgraded from Core2Duo to Core I3 and Core I3 to Core I5. The legal copies of all operating systems automatically get upgraded whenever put on an online mode. The central library as well as English Language Laboratory of the institute have servers and LAN systems which are also upgraded now and then. LAN system in the administrative office is also upgraded for better results. The SOUL 2.0 software used in the library is upgraded to SOUL 3.0. Books issue system in the library is now upgraded with the barcode scanners. Website of the institute is also updated at regular intervals. Maintenance and updating of the website is assigned to Prof. Gajar T.D. who takes care of this work periodically. The vendors of different software visit the institute once in a while in order to do upgradation work for better working of them. Installed Anti-virus software of all systems available in the institute are also upgraded periodically. CMS software of the office is regularly updated from the vendor. If new features are added after upgradation, the vendor is asked to conduct workshop in order to aware the office employees about them. Apart from this, CCTV system is also upgraded now and then considering the safety and security issues. In short, the institute is pre-emptive as regard to upgradation of all IT facilities.