Matsyodari Shikshan Sanstha's
Ankushrao Tope College, Jalna (MS)
NAAC A Grade, UGC-CPE Status, University Academic Audit A Grade & ISO Certified
Academic and Support Facilities
Computer labs are regularly maintained by the faculty-in-charge and aides-de-camp along with Engineers who are outsourced from time to time. Rigorous attention is paid to preserve cleanliness in the labs. The list of equipment of all labs and Virtual Classrooms is maintained in the stock register. Well-timed servicing of the devices is carried out in order to augment their life and capacity. Updated record of Geography, Psychology, Physics, Chemistry and all Life Sciences labs equipment is austerely kept. All equipment in these labs are properly cared and repaired whenever required. The record of the dead stock and consumables is neatly kept in these labs. User Manuals and SOPs with regard to proper use of all apparatus is kept in each lab. Various committees who look into the matters of maintenance of all laboratories. For the maintenance of all equipment, Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) is given to the concerned agencies.      
Classrooms:  A two-member committee is formed to take care of the maintenance of all classrooms. It weekly inspects and ensures that proper cleanliness is maintained. For this, various dustbins are kept on each floor of each wing. The days for sweeping the classrooms are allotted to support staff. As per the schedule, they do this work early in the morning before the classes begin. Vacuum Cleaners are daily used in order to keep the classrooms and administrative sections dust-free. Municipal Counsel’s Garbage Van daily comes to the college for collection of the trash. Different dustbins have also been installed in the campus in order to maintain cleanliness.
Department of Sports: The list of all equipment in the Department of Sports is kept and updated from time to time. Cleanliness in the Indoor hall and Gymnasium is fastidiously sustained. This work has been assigned to two menial staff members. Similarly, the servicing of the equipment is done from the concerned agencies whenever is required.
Library: There is a library committee that provides suggestions with regard to maintenance and utilization to the librarian who then monitors and maintains the library and takes care that library is optimally utilized. Pest controlling of books is regularly done in order to prevent vandalism of books and other learning resources from different types of pests/vermin. The institute has done contracts for pest controlling as well as for fire safety with external agencies.
Hostels: The rector of girls’ hostels negotiates the activities from admissions to maintenance. There are menial staff for cleaning/sweeping both hostel buildings. For safety and security, a guard has been appointed for night vigilance. There is also a committee that looks into the matters of food, drinking water and hygiene. A doctor has also been appointed for regular health checkup of girls who visits weekly. The committee takes care to complete all the work of repairing/rejuvenating/renovating before the month of June each year.    
Maintenance of Other Physical and Support Facilities: The services of a gardener are sought for the maintenance of trees, plants and lawn in the campus of the institute.